Information Capital adds the OpenQM Database to its WTK Web ToolKit

Information Capital (InfoCap) has added Ladybridge Systems ' OpenQM to the databases compatible with its 4GL, fourth-tier WTK application development tool.

OpenQM is a leader in the multidimensional database market. It is continuously upgraded with features such as object-oriented programming, a paradigm that uses the attributes and behaviors encapsulating an entity, together with their interactions, to design applications and computer programs.

In a joint, year-long effort with Ladybridge , InfoCap technicians and programmers in Illinois, New York, Arkansas, and Texas worked to perfect a design methodology for seamlessly converting over one hundred thousand programs from the WTK Web Toolkit to run on the OpenQM platform.

The OpenQM - WTK combination enables Information Capital companies to provide their clients the enhanced productivity made possible by the rapid evolution of mobile broadband and inexpensive netbooks and handsets.

Ladybridge Systems Ltd

Located in Northampton Northamptonshire.

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