Case Study: PAML Improves Performance with Caché

Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, Pathology Associates Medical Laboratory (PAML) is one of the largest reference laboratories in the United States. As they migrated their 20-year-old MultiValue billing application to InterSystems Caché®, we helped them discover and eliminate some processing bottlenecks in their legacy code. That, coupled with Caché's lightning fast speed, resulted in a 5X increase in performance.

PAML's CIO Sonny Varadan is impressed with the results, and with the support PAML received during the conversion process. He says:

"Throughout it all, InterSystems has been phenomenally good to us. In my sixteen years working in IT, InterSystems is one of the best software vendors I've ever come across."

Now, PAML is investigating using InterSystems Ensemble® and InterSystems DeepSee™ to further enhance their billing application.



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