Exuma partners with Tigerlogic to expand the DockMaster Solution Suite and offer Web-Based Reporting

Exuma Technologies , Inc, the premier provider of dealer and business management systems to the recreational marine industry, today announced the expansion of its partnership with TigerLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: TIGR), a leading provider of reliable data management solutions for over three decades. By integrating TigerLogic's OpenDB technology into the DockMaster Solution Suite, Exuma now provides its DockMaster users the ability to easily access critical business data through the DockMaster Business Intelligence ("DMBI") web-based dashboard product.

DockMaster is powered by TigerLogic's D3 database management solution. TigerLogic's OpenDB technology is designed to enable D3 -based database products, such as DockMaster , to connect to ODBC-compliant databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL and Oracle. Once the connection is established between D3 and the remote database server, D3 is able to read, write and select data from the remote database as if were stored in D3 .

Exuma's DMBI platform allows DockMaster users to run canned reports prepared by Exuma in a web-based framework complete with colored bar charts, colored graphs and spread sheets. The DockMaster data is presented in a columnar format for easy browsing, sorting and drill down. Furthermore, the DMBI platform allows users to custom-tailor the presentation of the dashboard data, and create a whole host of custom reports, including bar charts and graphs.

TigerLogic has entered into an exclusive value-added reseller relationship with Exuma to offer its D3 and OpenDB technologies to the recreational marine industry in North America. Exuma will also explore other innovations from TigerLogic, like its yolink web-based search technology to explore its applicability in Exuma's product offerings.

"Our integration with OpenDB further expands DockMaster 's features and functionality, enabling our customers to mine their data stored in DockMaster and present it in a user friendly format," said Cam Collins, President and CEO of Exuma. "Our customers will appreciate having convenient and real-time access to their critical business data, including financial, inventory and customer information."

"We're excited to announce our expanded partnership with Exuma, which helps our mutual customers realize the full potential of our joint solutions," said Thomas Lim, Chief Financial Officer TigerLogic. "OpenDB's seamless integration with D3 -based solutions like DockMaster provides customers the fast, convenient access to critical business information needed to make better business decisions."

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