DesignBais Release v51 Available

v51 (release 5.1) is the first of 3 major releases that DesignBais have planned for 2010.

v51 includes many new features and enhancements:

Ajax support for W3C mode - This feature provides the developer with much greater functionality for the delivery of web-based applications to the public-grade user.

Redesigned Forms and Report Developer - This is a major enhancement that allows the developer to quickly create forms by selecting fast (add) and adding multiple fields at one time.

Extended Audit Trail - This feature will track all changes to records in a defined file. Included in this feature is a display screen to browse the changes.

Report Drill Into - Allows the developer to define a form or subroutine to execute when a field is clicked on any report. Once the field is defined, any report that includes the field will automatically have this drill-into feature enabled. This also includes any eXpress report.

Form Includes - This feature allows the developer to create standard Form Headers and Form Footers to be included in any DesignBais form.

Enhance Security - The DesignBais security model has been upgraded to include default security classes for non-defined entities.

Many other enhancements and fixes.

DesignBais International

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