DesignBais 2010 enhancements

Integrate Flash widgets - Interactive gauges.

W3C Commercial-grade interface - Browser independence in the commercial grade mode. Develop in IE commercial grade and deploy on any W3C browser.

Functional indexing - Allows indexing of descriptions to a DesignBais search filter. This provides a Google/Bing style interface to your description searches. This filter also has defined the functions associated with each index entry, making the index drive various operations within an application.

View eXpress - Provide views of data throughout the application. This interface will drive the form and report design processes. This will include a learning feature that will enable DesignBais to learn the typology of the application database and reflect this throughout the application. DesignBais express already does this for ad-hoc reporting. This is being introduced into the rest of the design environment. eXpress Reports will be able to be added to menus including custom run-time forms. All defined selection criteria will be prompted for when the menu option is select.

DesignBais International

Located in North Sydney .

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