AutoData Systems installs QM in 300 outlets

AutoData Systems, Inc (ADS), specialists in retail accounting and reporting systems in the petroleum sector have chosen the OpenQM database from Ladybridge Systems to upgrade software installed at 300 outlets.

The software was originally developed in the early 1990's on the Rev G platform running on Windows 95. The upgrade to QM includes a change of operating system to Suse Linux. Data from each retail outlet will be uploaded to the corporate system on a daily basis.

About AutoData Systems
AutoData Systems, Inc. has been engaged since March 1985 in the development, production, marketing and support of computer systems for business applications. ADS's marketing efforts are currently concentrated in the distribution, petroleum, medical, automobile dealership, and credit collection industries.

Systems marketed by ADS generally consist of a combination of computer hardware, operating systems software and customized application software packages. ADS also provide ongoing services and software enhancements.

ADS believe that the multivalue database environment offers advantages in business applications due to its ease of use and application efficiency.

Ladybridge Systems Ltd

Located in Northampton Northamptonshire.

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