Case Study: Johnson Matthey Precious Metals Division uses UniVerse to manage its disaster-recovery

"Our group has operations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Brampton, Ontario, and we needed to make sure that all of our information was in sync in real time and that all of our locations were redundant, says Dennis Smith, the financial and administrative controller for the catalyst, chemicals and refining unit in North America. "There are a lot of complexities in the precious-metals refining arena, and our custom built system - built on Pick - had been running in conjunction with our accounting software for more than 25 years. Three years ago we switched to a new accounting system, which ultimately led to our decision to update our data-management software. We needed a database solution that was robust enough to meet the corporate initiative for data security, and UniVerse offered the functionality we needed."

Smith's team turned to Toronto-based Asynchron Systems Inc., which specialises in the development of custom software solutions in the multivalue environment, to implement a solution that would meet Johnson Matthey's corporate mandate to cross-replicate data in multiple sites. Asynchron founder Seth Blumenstein says, "This was a perfect opportunity to deploy UniVerse because we were looking at a huge amount of data that not only had to be kept up-to-date in real time, but also needed to be kept in multiple locations.

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