Pavuk Technologies, LLC annouces Pavuk IDF (Internet Development Framework)

Pavuk Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of its flagship product, Pavuk IDF (Internet Development Framework).

Pavuk IDF is a revolutionary tool to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of database-connected Web applications. It's "one-step-to-web" technology provides an environment where non-programmers can build sophisticated database applications – all in their browser. For applications requiring sophisticated business logic, a rich application program interface is available for user-written routines.

Pavuk IDF is revolutionary and disruptive technology. It is aimed at the emerging Cloud Computing, SaaS as well as departmental computing environments. Business analysts may now create applications using a simple interface and have dynamically generated web forms running immediately.

Pavuk IDF will make its market debut at the International Spectrum convention in Denver on April 12th.

Said Bill Crowell, President,"This is an extremely exciting time for me. To see people developing large applications in a matter of minutes realizes a dream that I've had for over 10 years – that we could reduce the amount of programming and provide useful , solid and scalable applications in a time-efficient manner."

Pavuk Systems

Located in Charlotte NC.

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