BeyeNETWORK Features Spotlight on Entrinsik’s Informer Web Reporting Software

Entrinsik President and CEO, Doug Leupen was recently interviewed by BeyeNETWORK USA in a spotlight feature. Leupen discussed how Entrinsik's Informer Web Reporting software enables organizations around the world to break through data silos and empower end users with real-time data for faster, more informed decisions.

"We appreciate the opportunity to tell our story through one of the industry's leading resources on business intelligence," says Doug Leupen. "We feel Informer provides an ideal solution for organizations that need to quickly cross data silos where warehouses don't exist, instantly append warehouses with operational data, and relieve the strain on overburdened IT staff."

Watch Doug's interview or download it for free from iTunes. The BeyeNETWORK is an online resource, providing access to thought leaders in business intelligence, performance management, business integration, information quality, data warehousing and more.


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