Announcing SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture for UniData and UniVerse (SB/XA) V6.0.2

SB/XA is a Rapid Application Development and deployment environment that delivers up-to-the-minute interface design and portable reporting capabilities designed to help you maximize your investment in Rocket U2 technology. Existing SB+ applications can be automatically converted to SB/XA without requiring changes to your underlying code, and the latest release of SB/XA builds on previous capabilities by providing support in our latest XAML clients for:

  • MAPI support via host routines for email automation
  • VBScript integration to support client-side scripting in Microsoft clients
  • HTML Report Writer output support

SB/XA 6.0.2 has been completely rebranded as a Rocket Software product, and it also removes Btrieve from SBClient, eliminating conflicts with third-party software that also used Btrieve.

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