UniData v7.2.6 Released for AIX

UniData SQL -- The number of SQL files permitted in a JOIN operation has increased from 7 to 16 at this release.

UniData -- At this release, the number of multivalues allowed in an UNNEST operation has increased from 10240 to 20480.

UniData -- At this release, error messages when encountering a U_pread return errors have been improved to include the pid, uid, udtno, inode and dnode to assist in diagnosing the cause of the problem.

UniBasic - Fixed serveral errors relating to CallHTTP API

UniData - Fixed serveral license count issues.

UniBasic Debugger -- At this release, the UniBasic Debugger has been enhanced to allow an unlimited number of break points and trace points.

UniBasic Debugger -- At this release, the UniBasic Debugger command input buffer length has been increased to 32K bytes.

UniBasic -- On Windows platforms only, a UniBasic program may have failed on an EXECUTE process if the udt process was not able to  open and delete the Z_CAPTURING file because an external program had that file open.

InterCall -- InterCall is now supported on 64-bit platforms.

UniData -- Fixed UniData device licensing failure under Citrix and Windows Terminal server when access over a WAN or different subnets.

UniData -- Before this release, UniData did not allow dbpause to initialize during a RESIZE CONCURRENT operation. Now, dbpause initializes unless the RESIZE CONCURRENT operation is creating the new file or moving the final resized file.

UniBasic -- A memory leak fixed in SOAP and XML functions

RFS -- File corruption may have occurred when all records from a level 2 overflow group were deleted and RFS was enabled. This problem  has been fixed.

Many more fixes provided by this release can be found at:

Rocket Software

Located in Waltham MA.

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