Entrinsik Announces Informer 4.1 Featuring a NEW Cutting Edge Plug-in Architecture

Entrinsik Inc., a leading provider of innovative web-based operational reporting and analysis solutions, recently announced the latest release of their Informer Web Reporting software — Informer 4.1.  Informer's new plug-in architecture allows developers to amend and extend core Informer functionality for seamless integration into existing organizational environments. 

Informer enables hundreds of organizations around the world to transform real-time data from multiple data sources into actionable intelligence without the need to set up and manage a separate data store. Informer extends self-service reporting and analysis capabilities to users who can uncover critical insights in the information they work with every day by querying, reporting, analyzing, delivering, and displaying real-time operational data in any way they choose.

 "This latest release of Informer represents a giant leap forward for our software", says Doug Leupen, President at Entrinsik.  "With Informer 4.1, we are now able to offer our Partners and end user administrators the ability to do things like provide end user authentication and single sign-on within Informer, rebrand the user interface, and even develop known quality reports and mappings to bundle with the installation package to speed rollout."

With examples and documentation provided with the new release, Partners and Informer administrators can now create a highly integrated reporting environment customized to meet specific organizational needs.


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