Zumasys Constructs State-of-the-Art Data Center and Disaster Recovery Solution for Ganahl Lumber

Ganahl Lumber Company, California's oldest lumberyard, announced the completion of two new data centers and the successful implementation of NetApp's MetroCluster technology which provides continuous availability of mission critical applications including D3 AIX, a multivalue DBMS from TigerLogic Corporation. The company partnered with Zumasys, a leader in infrastructure technology solutions, to develop a comprehensive business continuity solution that will last the company for decades to follow.

Zumasys introduced Ganahl to NetApp's MetroCluster technology in the design phase of its new data center construction. This implementation enabled Ganahl to mirror its servers and storage between two sites, easily and effectively, to reduce disruptions and keep users up and running. Zumasys also helped Ganahl implement server virtualization from VMware allowing them to consolidate their physical servers down to just 10 hosts supporting in excess of 100 virtual machines. This has made its two data centers more functional, streamlined and capable of full failover.

"I've been with Ganahl for 30 years. It's great to work for a company that views problems as opportunities. We know that the downturns are the best time to make investments that improve our business. We've seen these cycles before and we are thrilled to have a partner like Zumasys to facilitate technology enhancements today that will position us for success tomorrow," said Gary Armstrong, IT Manager of Ganahl.

Additionally, Ganahl implemented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from Citrix to centralize and more efficiently support its custom door and window software programs. Previously, these programs were causing PCs to crash, requiring significant IT support and reducing computer availability. Citrix's XenDesktop technology has enabled 50 physical desktops to be replaced with virtual machines that run centrally in the company's secure data centers. This has lessened end-user downtime because Armstrong's IT team can now control any interference between custom software programs by testing in VDI before the software is released. Together, these virtualization efforts have helped maximize productivity company-wide.

With its new data center infrastructure, Ganahl has all but eliminated unplanned downtime. More than just business continuity, Zumasys has also helped dramatically increase the efficiency of the company's six person IT staff. Virtualization has helped them support more users without the need for more IT personnel. They can now do upgrades faster, troubleshoot easier, and deliver better security to all users, which have resulted in increased productivity for IT and the end user. All told, the team's capacity and support capabilities have tripled, adding up to a savings of more than $1 million over four years.

Armstrong truly values the relationship he has built with Zumasys and the resources they offer. "If I have technology related questions, they're the first people I call. We even lean on them to provide extra programming or an extra set of eyes to help us do things better," he adds. "We appreciate that Zumasys brings appropriate technologies to the table. Since they know our business, they don't waste our time with things that won't fit our needs. We really rely on their knowledge and we trust their advice."

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