Pavuk IDF v2.0 Released

Pavuk Technologies is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Pavuk IDF v2.0.
Pavuk IDF v2.0 utilizes the ExtJS scripting library from Sencha ( ) as the new rendering engine. This technology enables Pavuk to support a wider range of browsers including the iPad and provides the platform for more new and exciting features in future releases of Pavuk.

Pavuk IDF is a framework for building and deploying enterprise application systems that interact with users with the web browser being the primary interface. It enables system developers to build and deploy complex systems without the need to learn and master traditional web development technologies and layers of communication. Its "One Step to Web (SM)" technology produces applications in record time. An event-driven API enables programmers to build complex business rules functions to suit their specific needs.

Said Bill Crowell, President,"Version 2.0 builds on the reliability of version 1.6 while providing a more pleasing visual experience for the users. The migration to the ExtJS library paves the way for many new features in future releases and  we are very pleased with our relationship with Sencha."

The scheduled release date is August 1, 2010.

Pavuk IDF v2.0 is offered in 2 versions: Enterprise Edition on OS X 10.6 and Standard Edition on Linux.

Pavuk Systems

Located in Charlotte NC.

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