Announcing wIntegrate V6.2.0

wIntegrate offers terminal emulation and application renovation, supporting rich or thin-client deployments that can truly take your legacy applications to the next level. wIntegrate v6.2.0 offers new functionality by implementing Secure Shell (SSH) as an alternative to Telnet on UNIX- based systems. SSH data encryption provides confidentiality and integrity over insecure networks and is a valuable tool in meeting corporate governance and compliance standards. This feature supports connections to both U2 and non-U2 databases on any UNIX system configured to use SSH to secure its applications.

wIntegrate V6.2.0 also provides sample before-and-after code and data files showing how a parameter-based green-screen application can be automatically converted to a true GUI application. The resulting GUI forms can be extended to take advantage of modern PC features such as third-party ActiveX controls, Office integration, or even the Java thin client.

Rocket Software

Located in Waltham MA.

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