Sysco Denver Food Service Company uses UniData to track and manage its trucks and drivers.

Sysco Denver Food Service Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Sysco Corporation and is the largest food service distributor in the Rocky Mountain area. Sysco Denver has supplied hotels, motels, restaurants, schools, hospitals and multi-unit accounts with high quality food, supply and equipment items for over 60 years.


Operating from a 430,000 square foot warehouse, Sysco's refrigerated dock and fleet of 130 trailers and tractors provide service to 7,000+ accounts running 600 routes per week. Ten years ago, the company was dispatching its equipment using a "cards-and-slots" system, but wanted an easy, logical system to keep track of the drivers who were already dispatched, the ones that had not been dispatched, and ones who were not available. Additionally, Sysco needed the ability to have days, weeks, months - and even years - of history on these drivers, as well as their equipment and loads.


In just a few months, Sysco Foods of Denver was dispatching its fleet using a multivalued database called UniData from Rocket Software with software from U2logic, Inc. This system had the ability to fulfill the requirements that allowed them to track the hundreds of loads they dispatch every day.

Several years later, U2logic upgraded that software to a Web based product, which used forms featuring Microsoft's IIS server using active server pages built with HTML and JavaScript. The results were phenomenal - Sysco could create reports instantly, and the Web interface was easy to use and required little training.


In 2009, the dispatch software was again upgraded. Using open source technology such as Apache Tomcat,, and Eclipse -based programming tools has allowed U2logic to update the interfaces and keep all of the desired functionality with new technologies such as drag-and-drop dispatching. All data entry screens that have grids that can be sorted by any column, and the lookups allow filtering on each column to gradually reduce the lookup when trying to find a specific item. The software runs anywhere from 10% to 700% faster than the previous version using the latest version of UniData database and U2WebLink™ middleware.


Located in Brighton CO.

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