Entrinsik Joins NetVU as its Newest Gold Partner - Informer Software Helps Agencies Boost Productivity, Enhance Service, Monitor Operating Costs

Entrinsik Inc. ( www.entrinsik.com ), a leading provider of innovative web-based operational reporting and analysis solutions, recently announced a partnership with NetVU to offer its award-winning Informer Web Reporting software to insurance agencies across the country. For years, Entrinsik has participated in insurance agency management system conferences and has been recognized as a valued supplier/vendor to Vertafore agencies.

Informer is an operational reporting and analysis solution enabling insurance agencies across the country to transform real-time agency data from multiple sources into actionable intelligence. Informer extends self-service reporting and analysis capabilities to front-line users who can uncover critical insights in the information they work with every day by querying, reporting, analyzing, delivering, and displaying real-time agency data in any way they choose.

Informer is a lightweight web-based application that takes minutes to install and is designed to work seamlessly with Vertafore’s management software. Informer implementation is quick and easy, with users up and running in hours creating dynamic financial reports (e.g. month to month, year to date) and performing ad hoc analysis of real-time data – analyzing data by client, by group code, by producer, by division, by policy type and much more.

Todd Doster, Sagitta Administrator at McQueary Henry Bowles Troy, LLP had this to say about Informer – "Informer has greatly reduced the load on ad hoc and recurring report requests and greatly increased the efficiency and delivery of important and timely information to our Producers and Service staff."

According to NetVU chairman, Carl Schlotman, “Being able to get our hands on the data we need to run our businesses is mission critical.  Entrinsik offers a valuable service which enables NetVU members to keep their fingers on the pulse of their business.  We are thrilled to have them join us as our newest Gold Corporate Partners.” 

“Having worked with large and small agencies such as USAA, BB&T and MHBT, we know agency personnel make hundreds of decisions each day”, says Doug Leupen, President at Entrinsik. "Our goal by partnering with NetVU is to work closely with agents to demonstrate how they can quickly and easily perform data analyses on the fly in faster more powerful ways than ever to make the most informed decisions possible based on all available data regardless of where it resides.”

The Informer team will be participating at the upcoming PowerUsers Conference on October 22-23 as well as the NetVU Conference, April 28-30, 2011.


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