D3® 9.0 for AIX, Linux and Windows Platforms

TigerLogic Corporation is pleased to announce the General Availability of its next-generation D3® 9.0 multidimensional database management product. This major release contains innovative new functionality for multi-value database application development.


  • .NET API:  Provides a cost effective solution for developing applications utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Java API:  Develop applications utilizing the Java development environment
  • Open standards:  Ability for developers to expose, process, integrate and cache multi-value data, including XML for multi-value data and multi-value Web Services utilizing TigerLogic's XML Data Management Server (TL XDMS)
  • Full failover recover solution:  Available now for the D3 9.0 Windows platform utilizing D3 Windows Hot Backup
  • Core memory size:  Extended to 3.5GB per D3 VME for the D3 9.0 Linux platform


  • Graphical Administration Console:
    • Built using the .NET API
    • Supports pluggable dlls so console can be extended without complete rebuild
    • Distributed with both client and server side source code to allow for further customization
  • Access Query Language (AQL) Enhancements:
    • U2 Compatible AQL Enhancements:
      • fmt – Changes the output format of a column on the fly (justification and width)
      • eval – Evaluates an expression on the fly, including translates
      • conv – Applies a conversion on the fly
  • Enhanced Licensing:
    • Added support for up to 3 total connections per client, with a limit of 2 connections of any one type (telnet, ODBC, RPC)
  • Index Enhancements:
    • Added support for numeric indexes
    • Enhanced AQL to utilize indexes to provide higher performance when using the >, >=, <, <= and # operators
    • Enhanced index utilities support use of ADI definitions (create-index, delete-index, etc.)
  • D3 Windows Enhancements:
    • Login support for Windows authentication
    • Windows only printers: Supports use of graphics supported in the Windows Printer API


D3 9.0 is supported on AIX, Linux and Windows operating systems. Check our Product Status Sheet for the current operating system version available for each D3 database server platform.  D3 9.0 is available for download on our ftp site or on CD ROM (shipping charges apply). For more product information, please refer to the product documentation page on our Web site.

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