mvBase® 3.0 for Windows Platform

TigerLogic Corporation is pleased to announce the General Availability of its next-generation mvBase® 3.0 multidimensional database management product. This major release contains innovative new functionality for multi-value database application development.

Key New Features:

  • .NET API: Provides a cost effective solution for developing applications utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Java API: Develop applications utilizing the Java development environment
  • Open standards: Ability for developers to expose, process, integrate and cache multi-value data, including XML for multi-value data and multi-value Web Services

Additional Enhancements:

  • Windows only printers: Ability to use the graphics supported in the Windows Printer API
  • Power fail shutdown: Enhanced power fail shutdown process to ensure a timely shutdown
  • Basic runtime error logging: Enhanced with global switch to turn logging on/off for all lines
  • Overflow CLAIM command: New command that recovers blocks of contiguous frames from linked overflow space
  • Enhanced TCL stacker to support arrow keys: New feature can be enabled or disabled on a per process basis
TigerLogic Corporation

Located in Irvine CA.

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