Announcing U2 Web Development Environment (U2 Web DE) V5.0

U2 Web DE has been re-architected at V5.0 to take advantage of native UO connectivity and Connection Pooling, bringing new functionality to U2 developers who want to create Web applications. The new architecture allows you to take advantage of additional database functionality such as 7x24 support for pausing your database to allow a snapshot for backups, Data Encryption at Rest and SSL to secure your environment and your data, and full foreign language support using UniVerse National Language Support (NLS) and UniData I18N allowing your Web application to run in languages other than English (e.g. Simplified Chinese).

U2 Web DE V5.0 Eclipse tooling has been expanded to make it easier to deploy and use U2 Web DE with your U2 applications. U2 Web DE V5.0 offers the ability to deploy all backend components through an Eclipse client, enable accounts to use U2 Web DE with a single click and build RedBack Objects (RBOs) without additional coding. Once created, these RBOs contain standard methods that can be used to handle common database functionality, such as read, write and delete methods or changed to use your own routines to handle Web transactions.

Visual Studio users can now take advantage of RBOs as native data sources allowing all RBOs methods and properties to be directly managed within Visual Studio. This allows your Multi-Value developers and Visual Studio developers to co-exist peacefully and focus on their own skills, thus improving productivity.

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