FusionWare Has New Branding: dbLynx and mvLynx Brands

When we first started as Liberty Software, back in 1992, our flagship product was the ODBC driver for PICK.  This was the first ODBC driver released outside of Microsoft, and was clearly targeted to the MultiValue Database community.  We rapidly ported this to support almost every version of MultiValue database out there, including, at the time, R83, Universe, Unidata, Alpha Microsystems, Sanyo/ICON, and many more.

As we worked with our customers, we were often assisting them as they integrated their MultiValue data with many other environments, including SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Progress, and many other databases.  Often, we had to do the research to figure out how to make these environments integrate well, and even how to optimize the data that we had transferred over.  The result of this is that we began to develop expertise and tools to work with many other platforms and databases.

Today, we have a wide suite of products, tools and services that assist our customers in a wide range of data middleware, BI, portal, mobile and other areas.  Some of our products have value to both mainstream and MultiValue customers.  This has made it difficult to market these products without creating confusion.
As a result, we are announcing two new brands to allow our customers and partners to better identify the products, services and bundles that serve them best:

mvLynx for MultiValue

mvLynx identifies products, services and bundles that are uniquely targeted to the MultiValue community.

dbLynx for Mainstream and Relational

dbLynx identifies products, services and bundles that provide value to customers who work with our Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Open Source solutions.


Located in New Westminster BC.

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