U2 Product Release: U2 DataVu Web Report and Dashboard v2.0

U2 DataVu 2.0 has been enhanced with a variety of features that make it easier for users to access, analyze and visualize business data. Users can now combine results from queries, apply filters and transformations and quickly create reports and charts with a series of mouse clicks. Drilldown scenarios provide users with the ability to slice their data, accessing underlying information on demand. Predictive analytics, flexible result set joining and appending, cross-tabulations and data normalizations together with result set filtering and improved parameter prompting make U2 DataVu 2.0 both powerful and a breeze to use.

Business users will benefit from the new HyperVu web interface allowing them to manage their queries, reports and dashboards and power users will benefit from the new integrated repository allowing any query, report or dashboard to be shared with others.

One-click Generation of Charts

U2 DataVu 2.0 allows you to select columns from a query result and with one click turn them into the chart of your choice. Charts can refined, adding additional value columns, changing the chart type and formatting the output. Any number of charts can be stored with the original query, allowing users to select between each of them when the query is subsequently accessed.

Graphical Drill-down Scenarios

Charts can be transferred to scenarios and used to explore different levels of detail using a drill-down navigator. These scenarios can be refined to change the data level and data sets displayed and can be recorded to define the layout options that users will be presented for chart layouts. Multiple scenarios can be driven from the same underlying result set.

Wizard-driven 'quick reports'

U2 DataVu 2.0 allows you to transfer a result set to the U2 DataVu Report wizard to quickly generate a new report. The two-step wizard guides you through defining the columns that will appear on the report and the grouping and aggregations that should be used for data roll-up. Simple options for preferences and formatting guide you through the aspects you need to quickly create reports without the need to resort to a full report editor.

Result set Joining and Appending

Queries can be assembled into hybrid or 'complex' queries allowing you to join data from unrelated data sources. Users can append data from separate queries or use the results of one query to automatch target columns in a related query. To the user, these queries appear as one result set but at run-time U2 DataVu will decompose and execute these against their respective data sources.


U2 DataVu 2.0 allows results to be filtered post-Query. These filters can be simple or compound expressions, allowing users to determine what data should be shown. These filters are applied at the client or web-server level and do not require queries to be re-executed.

Improved Query Prompts

Columns in queries can be assigned a prompt allowing for easier selection of data when running a query. Parameters can be applied for simple prompts such as numbers, date or times or complex, multi-tiered prompts can be used to define prompt queries that are executed against data to define the values to be used for selection. (e.g. a State and City prompt hierarchy can be defined to provide the list of States and Cities to be used to select data from a locations file)

Predictive Analytics

U2 DataVu 2.0 provides a comprehensive data modeling solution for predictive analytics to compute trends and cyclicity in query results. Popular algorithms, including simple and weighted moving averages, exponential smoothing, Holt-Winters, multiplicative decomposition, nth order curve fitting, polynomial regression and neural network analysis, are available allowing multiple algorithms to be applied to result set data to determine the best statistical fit

Normalization and cross-tabulations

In order to gain an insight into business data, users must often transform or tabulate query results. U2 DataVu's new data manipulation features allow users to tabulate column values over two or more dimensions. Conditional crosstabs offer the same capability but for specific rows that match a defined criteria. DataVu's normalization feature allows users to transform column-based results into row-based results, often useful when subsequently joining data with other queries.

HyperVu Web interface for Business Users

U2 DataVu 2.0 introduces a new web interface, specifically designed for business users. This intuitive interface provides a simpler view into pre-built repository content yet provides the necessary ad-hoc charting facilities that business users require. A simple menu of options allows results to be explored and directly exported to Excel with one click.

Built-in Shared Repository

A new built-in shared repository that can be used by developers and web users alike allows for developed content to be easily shared and quickly deployed to end users without requiring an external repository database. Simply drag and drop developed content from your own repository to the built-in shared repository to provide users with immediate access.

Virtual Data Sources

Data schemas are often too complex for business users to consume. DataVu's new virtual data source facility provides a metadata layer that allows administrators to publish a simplified data schema for end users. Virtual data sources can accommodate a subset of available files in a given data source and both files and columns can be represented with simplified, user-friendly names.

Example Content

U2 DataVu provides a suite of example Queries, Visual Reports and Dashboards that demonstrate best practices in building Queries, embedding graphical capabilities in Visual Reports and authoring Dashboard content. Included with every U2 DataVu product is a copy of U2 XDEMO which is used in online tutorials and education so you can replicate what you learn with your own version.

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