MITS Distributor AnalyticsTM helps distributors manage inventory, sales, receivables and more.

MITS ® , leading provider of advanced reporting and analytics solutions, announced a new solution designed to help wholesale distributors measurably improve their business results.

MITS Distributor Analytics TM - anchored by the MITS Discover online analytics processing (OLAP) technology platform - provides easy-to-use tools for tracking and optimizing inventory levels and profitability, along with sales trends, cash flow and collections.

"Wholesale distributors use Distribution Management software solutions to run their day-to-day operations," says Fred Owen, MITS President. "These systems generate tremendous amounts of data, but it can be difficult to track key metrics and uncover trends hidden inside them."

MITS Distributor Analytics TM is designed to extract this complex data from a company's Distribution Management System, then present it to business users in an easy-to-use way. "This lets business managers zero in on the most important aspects of their distribution business—without a lot of tedious work with spreadsheets," says Owen.

Mastering critical dimensions of the distribution business.

The success of a wholesale distribution business hinges on a surprisingly small set of key business metrics. "It's all about having the right mix of products, deployed to the right places," says Owen. "Match those up with the right sales opportunities, and keep customer payments flowing in, and these businesses can be highly effective in today's competitive environment."

Starting with an executive dashboard showing KPI metrics that are important across the organization, this new solution provides powerful yet easy-to-use tools for managing each of these business areas. The metrics on this full-screen, graphic dashboard link to underlying detailed reports providing deep interactive analysis. Both the dashboard, and the underlying reports can be set up for automatic distribution to the right users via email, or on demand.

First, the Inventory Return on Assets "Cube" - or analysis-tuned data view—lets business users manage a distribution company's most important asset to maximize its contribution to the bottom line. Users can easily spot weakly performing products and product categories, pinpoint winners and losers, and ensure inventory dollars are invested where they will do the most good.

There's also a Sales Analysis Cube, designed to help distribution business managers quickly identify customers who've stopped buying, sales reps who are lagging behind, and customers who might be draining profits away. It's easy to drill down to—or compare across—branches, products, and other dimensions.

Meanwhile, the Accounts Receivable Cube lets business users quickly spot deadbeat customers, sales reps who depend too heavily on suspect credit, pinpoint unpaid invoices that got lost in the shuffle, and even identify opportunities to improve credit policies.

Finally, the Inventory On Hand Cube helps users investigate and act on every trend or condition they uncover, by making it easy to see what's in stock and what it's worth. They can also easily identify unusual stock level trends, balance supply with demand, and uncover defective stock and vendor quality issues.

Helping distributors win in a very competitive business.

"While inventory, receivables and sales are all critical to distribution success, many organizations overlook another key asset—their information," says Owen. "This new solution unlocks that information, making it easy to understand and analyze."

MITS Discover is a mature, state-of-the-industry analytics solution used by hundreds of organizations worldwide. The new MITS Distributor Analytics TM is already in use at key customer sites, and is available for licensing now.


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