Media Services Group Embeds Informer Web Reporting to Push Legacy System Data to the Web

Media Services Group (MSGL), a leading developer of integrated publishing and event management software announced a Partnership with Entrinsik to offer MSGL clients Informer Web Reporting, an award-winning web-based reporting and analysis solution used by tens of thousands around the world.

By replacing their embedded reporting engine with Informer, companies that rely on the Élan™ Framework to run their publishing business now have a single point of access to reports where they can query any data source, regardless of where it is stored, in real time. And self-service report customization and ad-hoc analysis capabilities for end users ensure the information is presented based on individual needs.

"Embedding Informer into our product offering gives us the ability to integrate with legacy systems like SystemBuilder and push data to the web," explains Dan Pellegrini, President of the Publishing Division at Media Services Group. "With Informer, we can meet the immediate and future demands that our SaaS and turnkey customers have for web-based reporting without pulling developers off your core application."

"We are excited to partner with Media Services Group to enable media companies to capitalize on the latest web technologies that can now fully integrate with the back-office," explains Doug Leupen, President and CEO at Entrinsik. "Informer's plug-in architecture is designed to be easily embeddable, enabling Partners to quickly and seamlessly integrate web-based reporting capabilities into their existing software while providing a consistent user experience for customers."


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