Web Services MVS Toolkit Beta Program

TigerLogic is pleased to announce the formal beta program for the Web Services MVS Toolkit.

The MVS Toolkit allows developers to easily create and deploy multi-value Web Services for D3 9.0 and mvBase 3.0, exposing both Pick/BASIC subroutines and Access queries as Web Services utilizing TigerLogic's new graphical MVS Toolkit IDE and MVS Web Server. We believe you will find value through your involvement and first-hand experience developing, testing and providing feedback on this new product and latest technology enhancement to our Pick database products.

The MVS Toolkit includes two components: the graphical IDE and the Web Server. Both components can be installed on the same system or separately. The MVS Toolkit is available on both the Windows and Linux platforms and supports D3 AIX, D3 Linux and D3 Windows and mvBase databases.

TigerLogic Corporation

Located in Irvine CA.

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