Hawaii Human Resources Uses Informer Live Excel Integration to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Entrinsik offers a software developers kit (SDK) for extending the Informer operational reporting and analysis environment via a plug-in framework that both customers and partners can use. The toolkit is typically used to create default reports, metadata, new security drivers, a customized interface, hooks into legacy business logic and other extensions.

Entrinsik Partner FW Davison used the SDK to create a truly embedded reporting environment for customers of their HRPyramid software, an industry leading package for the PEO and SAO industry integrating payroll, human resources, benefits administration, billing and accounts receivable. HRPyramid customers in turn offer Informer to their customers - all the while ensuring tight security throughout the application.

"Embedding Informer enables our HRPyramid customers to deliver a feature-rich, secure, intuitive web reporting solution to their clients. We are very excited to bring Informer reporting capabilities to our hosted customers." — Scott Hastings, CEO of FW Davison

One such customer is Hawaii Human Resources, a company using HRPyramid and Informer to help provide customized HR solutions to nearly 250 clients.

Prior to purchasing Informer, HIHR was limited to the stock reports provided by the HRP ASP product and were unable to extract the specific data needed for internal and external reporting purposes. In many cases, the reports needed were simply impossible.

Since deploying Informer, HiHR has created a reporting environment consisting of nearly 200 reports. They range from basic census to 401K reporting to code file listings. They also make heavy use of more advanced Informer functionality, such as Live Excel.

According to Fred LI, Chief Systems Officer at HiHR, they have a SOP in place for using the Live Excel feature to create multiple worksheets, each representing data from various HRPyramid tables, then allowing access to that from other applications, essentially using the Live Excel file as the database.

Since making a number of reports "public" via the interface between HRPyramid and Informer, their clients can produce many of the reports they used to request from HiHR staff. "This alone has increased our customer satisfaction and reduced the demands on our staff. The reports I have created for internal use have increased efficiency be a huge degree and in turn made everyone more productive." Says Li.


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