Mark the Date! International Spectrum 2013 is coming up.

International Spectrum MultiValue User and Developer Conference will be on April 15-18, 2013 in Litchfield Park, Arizona.

There are many exciting sessions and vast amount of information that Spectrum Conference provides to MultiValue developers. On topic that has saved many companies time and money was on developing mobile applications and how to connect them to a MultiValue database. In addition to the topics like this, there are 4 specialized "Professional Networking" events during the conference.

In 2012, International Spectrum introduced the "labs". Labs are blocks of time that enable you to work on "proof-of-concept" or examples you received from the sessions before you get back to the day to day grind or ask more questions of the speakers or other experts to help get clarification on problems.

Mark the dates now… April 15-18, 2013.

International Spectrum

Located in Thorton CO.

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