SDSI announces the release of Cloud and Network Printing

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. (SDSI) publisher of the UnForm Document Management Solution has announced the beta release of its newest product, CirrusPrintâ„¢ Cloud and Network Printing Solution.

CirrusPrint is a platform-independent tool for UNIX, Linux, and Windows. It is a high performance wide-area network printing solution that works with any line of business application and can be implemented with or without the UnForm print management software component.

"The release of CirrusPrint continues to solidify SDSI as a leader in the print management, document delivery and document management marketplace", states John R. Wilson, SDSI's Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing. "In today's demanding business environments, organizations need printing solutions that simplify IT management, enable easy remote and cross-platform access and deliver fast, reliable, high-quality printing to improve business efficiency."

CirrusPrint offers many features for reducing cost of printing while improving document processes and simplifying printer management. Key capabilities include:

  • High performance wide-area network printing
  • Reduced bandwidth utilization
  • Very high compression ratios, up to 98% through patent-pending anti-redundancy techniques, even of already compressed PDF documents
  • One to one, or one to many, document distribution features: one file to many desktops, for example
  • Secure document transmission using SSL
  • Stateless design, so document transmission can occur as remote sites are available
  • Exact replication of print jobs retains features such as duplex and tray control
  • Server-centric configuration via browser interface

Synergetic Data Systems, Inc

Located in Shingle Springs CA.

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