U2 Product Release: SB/XA v6.2.0

SBClient V6.2.0 updates include rebranding and bug fixes, detailed under the
"Enhancements and Fixes in V6.2.0" heading below.

  • In SBClient, the SBZ transfer protocol failed in binary and hex modes in
    the UniData edition on Windows. This issue was resolved in V6.2.0. SBXA-3262
  • A 64-bit version of the SBXAMAPIBridge component is provided to support
    TU.MAPI messaging with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office in SBClient. The
    SBXAMAPIBridge64.msi program file is available in the SB/XA product download
    directory. SBXA-4572
  • In previous versions, an ActiveX control caused SBClient to fail. This issue
    is resolved in V6.2.0. SBXA-7999
  • In GUI mode, if you pressed F3 in a numeric field with a comma separator,
    the values were displayed incorrectly as zeroes. A fix resolves this problem
    in V6.2.0. SBXA-8294
  • The SBClient V6.2.0 splash screen and and launchpad are rebranded with the
    purple graphic for Database Servers and Tools. SBXA-8398
  • When using the GUI text editor (/GUI.TEXT.ED) in GUI mode, if a memo field
    contained 465 characters or more, char(10) was not inserted between rows. The
    code has been amended to correct this issue in V6.2.0. SBXA-8547
  • The GUI text editor (/GUI.TEXT.ED) failed in GUI mode when value marks were
    inserted in F3 intuitive help. The code has been amended to prevent this
    problem in GUI mode. SBXA-8833
  • In SBClient, a toggle in a grid returned an error if it used a table
    definition with three different values in the internal code, display text,
    and input code, and if Allow NULL was set to N in a validation. Both client
    and server code were amended to prevent this error condition in V6.2.0.
  • In SBClient running on Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 2008 x64, selecting
    View > Clipboard Viewer returned the error "CreateProcess 'clipbrd.exe'
    failed. error(2) - file not found." The clipbrd.exe file is not supplied with
    Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 2008, so the View > Clipboard Viewer option has
    been removed from the SBClient menu. As part of this change, a paragraph
    regarding the Clipboard Viewer has been deleted from Chapter 1, "Introduction
    to SBClient," in the Using SBClient manual. SBXA-9108
  • The SBClient device licensing dynamic link library (DLL) has been updated
    to version SBXA-9138
  • Check boxes (toggles) on a subscreen did not work correctly in a multivalue
    group in GUI mode. This issue is resolved in V6.2.0. SBXA-9218
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