Extend your MultiValue Data with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

BlueFinty's mv.SSIS allows developers on any major MultiValue platforms to take advantage of the world's most widely used product when it comes to moving data into SQL Server - Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Microsoft SSIS is a graphical based tool which runs inside Visual Studio and allows developers to define how external data is to be imported into a SQL Server database.

Microsoft SSIS provides an incredibly rich way of drawing and manipulating data before it is loaded into SQL Server. The latest version of mv.SSIS supports the 2012 release of Microsoft SSIS which introduces new features and enhancements that increase the power and productivity of developers, administrators, and knowledge workers who develop data transformation solutions.

"We are seeing a significant growth in the number of companies wishing to retain their investment in MultiValue while at the same time expanding their computing infrastructures to embrace the use of SQL Server," explains David Cooper, Lead Developer at BlueFinity. "Once data is within SQL Server a host of SQL-based tools may be utilized for purposes such as data mining, data migration, reporting services and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), allowing company decision makers to slice and dice data enabling them to make intelligent business decisions."

When Microsoft designed SSIS they did so in such a way which enables 3 rd party organizations to create connectors that allow data from outside sources to connect into SQL Server. BlueFinity's data connector, mv.SSIS, connects to Microsoft's SSIS on one end and into mv.NET on the other end which then reaches out to all of the major MultiValue database platforms to draw data into SQL Server.

Using Microsoft's SSIS combined with BlueFinity's mv.SSIS and mv.NET products, developers can build complete database synchronization solutions - quickly and easily. "Be it a simple, single direction data export or a full blown bi-directional data synchronization requirement, these tools allow you to build a solution tailored to your specific needs," Cooper continues. "You can use mv.SSIS to initiate bulk file updates to amalgamate different data sources or to synchronize separate data sources so if a change is made to your MultiValue data, the same change is brought over and inserted into your SQL Server database."

More information including a video interview with David Cooper is available here: http://www.bluefinity.com/site/mvssis.html .

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