In response to growing demand for MultiValue data in the cloud, MyPickCloud was born.

"By leveraging and embracing new technologies, we can preserve and rejuvenate what my father started," says Mark Pick, President and CEO of MyPickCloud. Dick Pick and Don Nelson are credited as being the founding fathers of MultiValue.

"We are delivering MultiValue to the cloud, preserving and extending existing MultiValue investments, while at the same time providing a worry free end user experience so businesses can put their focus back where it belongs - on their business."

MyPickCloud provides its clients with a safe, secure hosted environment that guarantees 99.999% uptime, automatic file-saves, backups, 24 by 7 world-class support and more. All this translates into a worry free experience. In addition, MyPickCloud offers database as a service (DBaaS) as an option.

MyPickCloud is conducting a survey regarding to MultiValue and the cloud. Results will be published and available to the MultiValue community in December 2012. The survey can be found on the website at

Pick Cloud, Inc

Located in Newport Beach CA. This company also handles the following software for Cloud

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