New Mobile E-Commerce Solution Supports All Mobile Devices

Kore Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise integration and e-commerce Web solutions for MultiValue applications and Microsoft SQL Server databases, today announced the general availability of KommerceServer Mobile Edition for its KommerceServer eCommerce Suite.

The KommerceServer eCommerce Suite is Kore's integrated e-commerce web storefront and customer information portal solution designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with support for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments.

KommerceServer Mobile Edition includes the advanced features of the KommerceServer webStoreFront and webPortal solutions in the KommerceServer eCommerce Suite, and now provides this same functionality in a compact, easy-to-use mobile version that has been designed and optimized for the requirements and workflow of the mobile user.

" We recognize that many of our customers are distributors serving contractors, designers, and technicians that are often times on a job site without access to a PC browser ," says Ken Dickinson, managing partner and co-founder at Kore Technologies. " KommerceServer Mobile Edition gives our customers that competitive edge in their industry. Kore is committed to leading its own competition by providing the very best mobile features and workflow for those users on the road."

Highlights of the new product include:

  • One mobile website supports all mobile devices: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

  • Mobile website designed and optimized for the smaller mobile screens

  • Alternate product images sized for mobile website speeds up response times

  • Automatic mobile device detection redirects to mobile website when browsing

  • Search Engine Optimization configuration and parameters extended to mobile website

  • Sell all of your products or just a subset on the mobile website

  • Enables users to access their account and order history via the customer portal

  • Seamless near-real time integration to supported back office systems

  • Centralized managment of all products and promotions

  • Easy to customize, configure and style

Kore Technologies

Located in San Diego CA.

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