Entrinsik's Informer Featured in New Agile BI Benchmark Report

Entrinsik has announced that Informer has been ranked as a leading vendor in Gleanster's new benchmark report on Agile Business Intelligence.

Gleanster's report evaluated 32 Business Intelligence vendors in four categories: Ease of Deployment, Ease of Use, Features and Functionality, and Overall Value . Drawing from the experiences of 367 companies, this 38-page report offers a comprehensive look at how Top Performers are using Agile BI to enable continuous, on-demand reporting, empower non-IT professionals with data access and drive faster, smarter business decisions.

"Agility is a great word to use in the context of BI when you're trying to create an alternative to the traditional, full-scale approach to data analysis," says Jeff Zabin, Gleanster's research director and co-author of the report. "It speaks to the acceleration of decision-making cycles and the need to put the right data and tools in the hands of business users."

" Informer is a great example of a solution that is bringing the promise of Agile BI to life, " says Zabin.

For a FREE copy of the research report, visit www.entrinsik.com/informer-gleanster-agilebi.


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