Interviews with BlueFinity Development-Videos

Over the last few weeks, Elkie Holland from Prospectus IT created a series of video interviews with David Cooper, Lead Developer at BlueFinity International, on a variety of topics relevant to the MultiValue community.

A 26 year veteran of the MultiValue world, Cooper has seen a lot of change over the years. In the series, Cooper discusses the state of the MultiValue marketplace and its main challenges and opportunities moving forward. Topics also include opinions on how Windows 8 will impact the MultiValue market, and observations with regards to the creation of mobile applications.

Cooper also gives an overview of changes in the latest release of BlueFinity's flagship product, mv.NET. mv.NET allows developers to retain the existing investment in MultiValue business logic and data while offering the ability to create amazing application interfaces quickly and cost effectively using industry standard tools. mv.NET integrates with today's modern technologies such as Windows 8, HTML5, Javascript, RESTful Web Services and many others to allow MultiValue business logic and data to be consumed by today's smart phones and tablets not only in a browser but in a native mode as well. That means developers can incorporate things such as GPS and camera into their MultiValue applications.

To browse the video library, please visit:

BlueFinity International

Located in Hemel Hempstead Hertfordsh.

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