Announcing U2 Toolkit for .NET (U2NETDK) v1.2

U2NETDK integrates updated UniObjects for .NET (UO.NET) native API, speeds development with U2 Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio, and interfaces with Microsoft standards SSIS and SSRS. The U2 Database Add-Ins for Visual Studio are a collection of features that integrate seamlessly into your Visual Studio development environment so that you can work with U2 objects such as tables, views, and subroutines.

SSIS extends capabilities associated with data migration such as copying files to update your data warehouse, as well as extract, transform, and load data into or from your U2 database. Interfacing with SSRS allows you to rapidly create and deploy new reports.

With this release developers can now treat data as logical groupings (entities) and focus on business logic. Microsoft's Entity Data Model (EDM) maps these entities to a physical UniData or UniVerse database and allows the developer to manipulate this data at the entity level. Developers can now use declarative queries and execute updates over entities and entity relationships.

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