O4W to Support OpenID

As of release 10.0, OpenInsight's O4W product will have support for OpenID, an industry standard protocol for logging into websites.

O4W will seamlessly allow you to login in to your OpenInsight environment via the Internet using the OpenID protocol. OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords.

You may choose to associate information with your OpenID that can be shared with the websites you visit, such as a name or email address. With OpenID, you control how much of that information is shared with the websites you visit.

With OpenID, your password is only given to your identity provider, and that provider then confirms your identity to the websites you visit. Other than your provider, no website ever sees your password, so you don't need to worry about an unscrupulous or insecure website compromising your identity.

OpenID is rapidly gaining adoption on the web, with over one billion OpenID enabled user accounts and over 50,000 websites accepting OpenID for logins. Several large organizations either issue or accept OpenIDs, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, AOL, MySpace, Sears, Universal Music Group, France Telecom, Novell, Sun, Telecom Italia, and many more.

The O4W login screen will have an option to use OpenID to login. Selection of this option will display a list of OpenID providers. The user selects an OpenID provider, fills in their OpenID username, and clicks login.

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