U2 Product Release: wIntegrate v6.3.3

What's new for users:
* UWIN-648: Enhance licensing functionality
* UWIN-729: Column widths when importing data to Excel
* UWIN-1306: Migrate regression tests to new regression testing tool
* UWIN-1398: The license agreement is displayed during an upgrade
* UWIN-1406: Remove unnecessary files from the installer
* UWIN-1409: Improved performance when importing data to large XLSX files
* UWIN-1418: Improved dialogs to open saved settings
* UWIN-1439: Stopping a thin client session stuck in a loop
* UWIN-1445: Certify wIntegrate 6.3.3 on Windows Server 2012

What's new for developers:
* UWIN-165: The Editor supports lines of 32k in length
* UWIN-1466: DialogBox Panel script command has a new Stretch parameter

Resolved issues:
* UWIN-850: The program can exit immediately after startup
* UWIN-1146: Run ImportFile error with CHAR(128) and RawData format
* UWIN-1329: Starting the Administrator from the Service Control Program
* UWIN-1387: Object Model crashes with a null return dispatch pointer
* UWIN-1410: Spurious issue with the Windows 8 and Windows thin client font
* UWIN-1423: Editor format some code incorrectly
* UWIN-1424: Character 149 was not displayed properly
* UWIN-1426: In the Administrator, the Monitor End Group was not saved correctly
* UWIN-1452: The program crashed when tooltips were longer than 80 characters
* UWIN-1463: In the Java client, clicking menu option twice showed Script Monitor
* UWIN-1464: Small integers could be sent to the thin clients incorrectly
* UWIN-1472: Pasting text into the grid did not fire a cell-changed event

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