Entrinsik Announces New Partnership with Pick Cloud

Entrinsik has signed a partnership agreement with Pick Cloud, Inc., provider of hosting, cloud computing, system backups and disaster recovery, professional services, and monitoring for MultiValue applications.This agreement enables Pick Cloud to offer Informer as a reporting and data analysis solution with a long and successful history of working in MultiValue environments.

Informer gives users the ability to link multiple sources of data in one report or dashboard quickly and easily, turningreal-time data into interactive visualizations that allow users to monitor key metrics from a single consolidated web-based view.

Pick Cloud provides a fully managed, cloud hosted environment while at the same time preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue PICK applications through smarter processes and more efficient technology.

"We offer a fully managed data center that manages the complete environment from soup to nuts," says Mark Pick. "Informer fits perfectly into that environment by enabling organizations to quickly turn their real-time data into interactive reports and visualizations to stay on top of their business."

"Today's highly competitive environment requires timely, data-supported decisions," says Doug Leupen, CEO and President at Entrinsik. "Organizations often have lots of data but no quick and easy way to glean critical insights from the data to make the best day-to-day decisions. Informer helps organizations do just that, and we are excited to work with Pick Cloud to further expand these capabilities into the MultiValue market."


Located in RALEIGH NC.

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