UnForm 8.0.27 is now available.

This update represents a collection of patches, as well as performance enhancements to the UnForm Desktop Client integration tool. The updated release notes are available through the support page for those interested in detailed information.

Changes consist of the following:

  • Corrected a decimal alignment issue with pcl output when running in hp/gl mode (no -nohpgl option).
  • Modified handling of agetmp to treat it as a 'days' value, as described in the documentation. It was being treated as an 'hours' value. Also adjusted purging logic to allow purging of the ./delivery directory.
  • Behavior difference between 7.1 and 8.0 discovered: when using the zebra driver with no cols command in the rule set, 7.1 would infer a cols value based on cpi and label size, but 8.0 will use the value specified by a -cols command line option or 80. Cols should be specified under 8.0.
  • Added forms.ini custom menu panel name "break", optionally followed by a comma and title, to force a line break and title in the custom menu panel area.
  • Corrected a problem related exec() of boxr with shade or line colors in pcl output.
  • Found an incompatability between ghostscript 9.06 and the control used by the Windows Support Server to parse PDF text data during an AFO job. The result is a hang of the support server. For users who use AFO jobs, we recommend downgrading ghostscript. We have tested 8.71 successfully.
  • Added experimental load balancing to the Unix perl client code. Specify multiple, semicolon delimited servers in a -server option, optionally with a :port suffix if needed. The client will poll servers to determine which one has the most job availability relative to its license count, and use that one (or the first idle one it encounters). Please note that this feature is incompatible with archiving, as there is no way to know which system a given document is stored on. All other options are passed to whatever server is selected, so all servers must have the same rule files, image files, spooler destinations, etc.
  • Modified the Image Manager to convert control characters to spaces in library, doctype, docid, and subid values, to prevent the accidental assignment of invalid identification values, after it was discovered that a Shift-Enter sequence could insert a linefeed character into an ID value, rendering that document inaccessible once uploaded.
  • Corrected a tray selection error with the winprt output format.
  • Early feature support for a licensed workflow object added.
  • Added content-type and content-length headers to post method submission in the http object, to emulate form posts.
  • Corrected an error 99 in ufimgsto.pv on hp/ux platforms that do not have zlib support.
  • Modified library security tests to resolve a library alias.
  • Modified clipboard monitoring in DTC to only paste changes to the clipboard while a given DTC window is open. This should help with an issue where clipboard updates from another window are pasted into the currently visible window.
  • Corrected DTC parsevalue type fields to send the panel name when a dtcpanel is active.
  • Updated library object to properly handle security of aliased library names. This was evidenced by an error 13 in ufcgilib'listsubdocs when viewing document properties with an aliased library specified.
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