SRP Controls - New Features and Fixes

SRP recently released an upgrade to many of its popular ActiveX controls, which also includes the SRP Controls Pro product. We are pleased to include in the list of new features the ability to support sub-totals and averages with the SRP ReportTable control. This has been one of the most requested enhancements and we have received positive reviews from customers who have already incorporated this feature. We think you will find that this feature is incredibly easy to configure.

Another significant enhancement is the addition of the Border and BorderColors properties to all visual controls. The Border property replaces the BorderType property, which was only supported by a few controls. While the BorderType property will still be supported for backwards compatibility, we recommend converting over to the new Border property in order to take advantage of newer features. For instance, like the CustomColors property that was previously released for the SRP Subclass control, all visual controls can now have an option to choose a Custom Thin or Custom Thick border. The BorderColors property can be used to create theme specific color patterns which can be triggered by common events such as getting focus or when the mouse is hovering over the control (aka, when the control is "hot"). Now, more than ever OpenInsight applications can be highly customized to the look you want!

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