XLr8 Summer Releases for Universe and Unidata

Since summer U2Logic has been releasing a lot features with the XLr8 product at a rapid pace. Below is a summation of a few enhancements to these products:

1) XLr8Synchronizer allows your local copy to in sync with the database copy. In a programming environment where you have multiple programmers making change to code whether or not you are using version control, you might want to know what go changed. With the XLr8Synchronizer, it will sync you programs files, procs, paragraphs, dictionaries, and even data.

2) Task tags has been implemented in XLr8Editor. You can now put in TODO's, FIXME's, or company specific tags into your code. XLr8Editor will read through your code and build what Eclipse calls a marker view of them. In a single view you can see what programs tasks are still open or require changes.

Here is our change log:

v3.9.3 - August 20, 2013

Bugzilla [584] - XLr8Synchronizer tries to sync object code

Bugzilla [319] - XLr8Editor needs the Task Tags option like java editor supports

Bugzilla [587] - XLr8Editor basic code indexer freezes the UI

XLr8Synchronizer allows for color coding the tags

XLr8Editor indexer now starts in a second or so instead of 3 minutes.

v3.9.2 - August 16, 2013

Added new quartz library for Job processing

Updated documentation for tasks tags

Bugzilla [319] - XLr8Editor supports tasks tags like Java and other languages.

v3.9.1 - August 08, 2013

Remove console message on copy DB to local

Bugzilla [570] - XLr8Installer delete key is not working

Bugzilla [296] - XLr8Synchronizer is completed


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