Ladybridge releases QM 3.2-2

This release introduces some new minor functionality requested by their users. It also includes a fix for a bug that can appear to be a registry corruption when doing a new install on a Windows system and another bug related to use of the SYSTEM(1035) or EPOCH() functions.

The name of the QMClient library for programs written using Microsoft C has changed to qmclilib.lib. The older qmcllbms.lib will continue to be included in the release for a while but developers are recommended to modify build procedures to use the new name. KnowledgeBase article 113 gives more details of the reasons underlying this change and is particularly important for users of Borland C.

QM now supports the S conversion code for Soundex.

When in edit values mode, the ED editor now shows the field and value positions as part of the line number. This can be suppressed by including NO.EV.POSITION in the $ED.OPTIONS VOC record.

The SED editor now has a NO.CASE.EXPLORE option in the &SED.OPTIONS& record to sequence items in an explore buffer using a case insensitive sort.

Inline prompts can now use quoted prompt strings to allow for restricted characters.

The query processor FROM option now supports the NONE keyword to ignore an active default select list.

The NO.PAGE option can be applied to all query processor commands so that, for example, the list of unfound records from a select operation can have pagination suppressed.

Ladybridge Systems Ltd

Located in Northampton Northamptonshire.

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