XLr8Editor for Universe and Unidata version 4.0.3

This release changed the licensing scheme to a single entry from for all keys. If you upgrade you will need a new license key. When you upgrade send us your new installation id and U2Logic will send you a new key as quick as they can.

U2Logic always felt the the Eclipse search engine was not adequate for UniBasic. They have create their own search tab for UniBasic and dictionaries. You can search for functions, external subroutines, internal subroutines, and variables. This search engine uses U2Logic's UniBasic indexer information that is captured when Eclipse is started.

v4.0.3 - December 02, 2013

Updated XLr8 item list spinner from 1000 to 5000.

Bugzilla [429] - XLr8 Search Option for UniBasic code - part 1.

v4.0.2 - November 24, 2013

Updated documentation

Bugzilla [622] - XLr8Object Editor translator kicks off a message occasionally

v4.0.1 - November 16, 2013

Bugzilla [606] - XLr8Licenser old licensing code needs to be removed

Bugzilla [426] - XLr8Object Editor will be multi-language is completed

v3.10.3 - November 14, 2013

Bugzilla [426] - XLr8Object Editor will be multi-language part 2.


Located in Brighton CO.

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