Spectrum 2014 Conference: Start-To-Finish Tracks

The International Spectrum 2014 Conference (April 7-10, 2014 at The Wigwam, Arizona) will follow a session structure more suited to End Users and Developers than ever before.

International Spectrum is introducing several "Start-to-Finish" session tracks. These tracks are designed to take a user and developer from design to client User Interface and Experience, through connectivity, and finally to application and database design.

The "Start-To-Finish" tracks are designed for to allow you to choose a specific topic and know that if you follow the sessions specified in that track, you will be exposed to all the tools and options need to develop what you need back in the office.

The design and overview topics found in the "Start-To-Finish" tracks are key sessions to educate attendees on the understanding of new technologies and interfaces, how they are used, and how they should not be used within the enterprise.

Some example of the upcoming "Start-to-Finish" topics are:

  • Start To Finish: Pretty Printouts: barcodes and labels, Word documents, and PDF
  • Start To Finish: Excel Reporting
  • Start To Finish: Outlook Add-ins
  • Start To Finish: Desktop Applications with MultiValue Data
  • Start to Finish: Data visualization of MultiValue Data
  • Start to Finish: Optimizing and Security your MultiValue Database
  • MultiValue Fundamentals: database maintenance and design, access and updating the database.


Sessions will start on Monday, April 7th and end on Thursday, 10th. Lab hours with speakers are also provided during the conference to help attendees create proof-of-concept applications before returning to the Day-to-Day enterprise issues.

International Spectrum

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