jBASE Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation

Founded March 6, 1989, jBASE was designed from the ground up to be an open database product that would bring the strengths of not only multiple platform, but also multiple database access into the mainstream computing market. By means of an innovative open and published interface (jBASE External Device Interface, jEDI), customers are able to achieve seamless integration with foreign databases. This means that any jBASE developed application can read and write to whichever database is required for data storage such as the native jBASE database but also Oracle, DB2 and others - a first in the industry.

Under the covers jBASE is very different from other MultiValue implementations. The biggest difference is that jBASE does not use a Virtual Machine - it executes directly upon the base operating system. When compiled, a jBC (BASIC) routine is simply a piece of executable code that can be called from any other piece of executable code capable of calling external routines - Java, VB.NET, C or C++ or any preferred IDE. Programs written using jBASE BASIC can be deployed on any supported operating system with any supported database using the jEDI.

Not only was jBASE the industry's first, database-independent solution, it was also the first to be available across all popular, commercially viable platforms. Today, jBASE runs on all of the most widely used hardware and operating systems, with the inherent ability to port to different platforms designed into the product in the very early stages.

"Powerful tools and a powerful database, together with truly open middleware means that, should you decide on jBASE for your application, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your investment is protected," says Bob Markowitz, jBASE Sales. "Your data can be stored in jBASE or any RDBMS or file system you require. Whatever the skill set of the developers in your organization, whichever technology you need to use, you can develop using jBASE and grow your applications exponentially using any of today's latest technologies while still retaining all of the unique functionality provided by the MultiValue database model."

In 1999, Temenos Group AG, a Switzerland-based banking software house and jBASE VAR, acquired jBASE Software and began to fund research and development on a scale previously unachievable in jBASE's history. When Mpower1 International forged a partnership with Temenos and attained the worldwide support, distribution and non Temenos banking application sector rights to the full jBASE product set in 2002, jBASE MultiValue core product development continued and remains today at Temenos with a dedicated jBASE development department in its own R&D organization.

Collectively, Mpower1, jBASE International and Temenos have an experienced team of over 40 personnel addressing all aspects of the jBASE business and have ensured that product development and quality assurance through to sales and post sales support are strengthened going forward. In addition to this, jBASE International's distributor network spans the globe and is expanding in many areas including Australia, Europe and Japan.

In the last twelve years, Mpower1 has created a solid worldwide presence bringing a number of new, innovative MultiValue products to market and expanding its operations into the .NET development environment with particular focus on customers that wish to embrace MultiValue and .NET and mobile technologies.

jBASE / Zumasys, Inc

Located in Irvine CA.

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