Ladybridge releases version 3.3-1 for QM

This minor release contains some small items that were not completed in time for release 3.3-0 (April 2014). The Quick Reference Guide has not been updated.

The CT command can be used with a data collection file and will show the data in JSON format.

The ED editor now supports external commands implemented as user written catalogued subroutines.

The UPDATE.RECORD command will now compile an I-type if needed.

The QMBasic COMPARE() function now has a option for case insensitivity.

The QMBasic SYSTEM(33) function returns the name of the program that called the subroutine in which this function is used.

The CATCH clause of a TRY/CATCH block has been extended to allow optional automatic creation of a process dump file prior to unwinding the call stack back to the exception handler. Programs using this feature cannot be executed on earlier releases.

The @DRIVE token can now be used as a general @-variable, not just as a pathname prefix in file pointers.

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