SRP ActiveX Controls - 3.1.1 Released

This release includes some new themes for a few of our theme-aware controls. The "Office 2013? theme was added to the SRP DatePicker Control, SRP Popup Control, and SRP ShortcutBar Control. The SRP ShortcutBar Control also got the "Visual Studio 2013 Light" and "Visual Studio 2013 Dark" themes.

The SRP Schedule Control has gotten a lot of new features. It's now possible to show additional information on an appointment using the AppRect property and OnApptHover event. We like to use the SRP Popup Control as fancy tooltips. Time blocks, which are colored segments of time, have been redesigned. They used to be fixed to a given entity and would appear on all dates no matter what. Now they can be treated much like appointments. See the TimeBlockList property to get started. Conflict detection now comes with options which can be set with the ConflictBehavior property. You can now enable Guides that appear as the user drags an appointment. Lastly, you can finally rearrange your groups and entities with the RepositionItem method.

For complete list of improvements, including bug fixes, see the SRP ActiveX Controls version history.

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