Tech Tip! Daylight Savings Time Changing

In 2005, the President signed into law a change in when Daylight Savings Time (DST) will begin and end.   This change is to take effect this year. Instead of starting DST on the first Sunday of April, it will start the second Sunday of March; instead of ending on the last Sunday of October, DST will now end on the first Sunday of November.

Start DST: 03/11/07
End DST: 11/04/07

These changes may effect database applications, Operating Systems, and communication software. If you do not currently use NTP Servers to keep your systems on the current time you will need to update this manually.  We would also recommend watching for patches from Microsoft, RedHat, and any other third-party system provider incase there is application dependence on this information.

More Detailed Solutions and information can be found here: