Total Computing Solutions Introduces Snap Webstore - Android Tablet-based Point of Sale product for MultiValue Systems.

Total Computing Solutions (TCS) is pleased to introduce Snap Webstore a Point-of-Sale system with Android Tablet-based mobile Point-of-Sale devices. As with other TCS products, Snap Webstore is implemented using MultiValue database architectures for reliability, security and performance.

Snap Webstore allows retailers to combine inexpensive, portable Android point-of sale devices with the impressive capabilities of the TCS retail software suite. Retailers can now have the advantages of portability and simplicity along with the comprehensive inventory management, secure transaction processing, and extensive feature set they have long come to expect from TCS.

As with all TCS point-of-sale products, our TotaLink 3.0 P2PE payment processing system is completely integrated with Snap Webstore. TotaLink 3.0 provides the highest level of security for cardholder data from the actual card swipe all the way through any networks and systems until it reaches the payment card processor. Unencrypted credit card information is never stored or transmitted on your system.

Retailers using MultiValue systems can now use a full range of highly secure point-of sale devices, ranging from a single portable Android tablet up through highly complex multi store retail environments supporting hundreds of registers. All of these devices are supported by the same powerful inventory control, retail management and consolidated reporting features. In addition, the Snap Webstore supports a comprehensive e commerce store that is seamlessly integrated with the retail store.

Snap Webstore provides the easiest path to a comprehensive leading-edge retail strategy incorporating completely integrated point-of-sale, e-commerce, accounting, inventory control and retail management components. TCS helps you eliminate the hassles of trying to plug together different systems to meet the needs of your customers.

"Snap Webstore changes the game for retailers. Now they can be just as leading-edge as their latest competitor without abandoning the solid business management principles that got them where they are. Our Android tablet implementation gives them simplicity and ease of use, with a secure back-end system that is 'combat-tested' for real business." stated Jim Hammons, Vice President of Total Computing Solutions.

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