Total Computing Solutions Provides Integrated Point-to-Point Encryption for Payment Processing to MultiValue Systems.

Total Computing Solutions (TCS) is pleased to announce that TotaLink 3.0 with Point-to Point encryption [P2PE] is available for direct integration with payment processing systems using Multivalue database products.

TCS has partnered with multiple hardware suppliers, payment processing gateways and Multivalue system suppliers to develop an integrated solution that encrypts sensitive card data at the swipe, before it ever reaches the desktop or back-end system. TotaLink 3.0 P2PE provides the highest level of security for cardholder data from the actual card swipe as it travels through networks and systems until it reaches the payment card processor.

TCS is able to support point to point encryption in nearly any point-of-sale or card swipe environment without a requirement for complex integration costs with a MultiValue back end system. In addition, TotaLink 3.0 P2PE is able to provide tokenization for recurring purchases and Level III reporting now required for many industries.

Integration time for the TotaLink 3.0 P2PE product can be as little as a single day of programming effort. In addition, because decryption does not occur until the encrypted card information reaches the designated payment gateway, cardholder data is never present in the system. This effectively eliminates the risk of a malware breach resulting in exposure of payment card information.

"The bottom line is that TotaLink 3.0 is the most cost-effective way for MultiValue systems providers to deliver the highest level of cardholder protection to their customers. TotaLink 3.0 P2PE allows our partners to focus on running their business, without the added worry of payment card security" stated Fred Tuttle, President of Total Computing Solutions.

Total Computing Solutions


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